Lorie Twists

  • Circle of Love
    All the Lifts of Lorie's Christmas Layout!

Carly Twists

  • All the lifts inpired by Carly's Golden Beauty layout!

Crazy Girl Twists

  • Simple-pleasures-WEB
    All the lifts of "It's Just Hair' by Jacque

Shannon Twists

  • All the lifts of Shannon's "The One and Only You" Layout!

Nikki Twists

  • All the lifts of Nikki

Dani Twists

  • All the lifts of Dani's Jump Layout

Julie Twists

  • All the Lifts of Julie's "Cheers" Layout!

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  • All the lifts of Janna's Adorable Angel Layout!

Irma Twists

  • All the lifts of Irma's "Contemplating Motherhood" Layout

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  • All the lifts of Darla's Joy of Face Painting layout!

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  • All the Lifts of Audrey's support System Layout~

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  • All the lifts of Jen's Chocolate Bunnies

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  • All the Lifts of Megan's Always my Sunshine

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  • All the lifts of Anne's Jasmin layout!

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  • All the lifts of Nicole's Grandma's Garden Layout!

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  • All the lifts of Kim's Pink Sunglasses layout!

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  • All the Lifts of Julianna's Too Tired layout!

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  • All the lifts of Cheryl's Butterflies and Blessings layout

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  • All the lifts of Dagmar!

Martina Twists

  • All the lifts of Martina's "Sweet Boy' layout

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  • All the lifts of Sabrina's Sofia layout!

Aromachock Twist

  • All the Lifts of Nicole's Almost Two Layout

Olive Juice Twist

  • All the lifts of Kim!

Anna Twist

  • Twists from Anna's { R } Layout

Yvette Twists

  • All the lifts of AlohaMamma!!

Tnkbuzan Kim's Lifts

  • All the lifts from Kim's Discover Layout!

Jennifer Twists

  • All the lifts of Jennifer's "Refresh". The image is removed because it's being published!!! Congratulations Jennifer!!!!

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January 13, 2007


Lori (lorigaud)

WOW! There are some awesome lifts here.... unbelievable the number of them! Thanks so much for putting this all together Susan! Terrific work!

Betty Jo

WOW! Amazing LOs. The photo album is awesome Susan.


HELP!! I don't know how to post a layout on the website. Can you believe I've never posted on the web before?! I dragged the jpeg to the comment box, it seemed to have opened another page but I'm not sure. I didn't really know what happened. I haven't given credits or anything!


Thank you for putting this challenge together! And also for the freebie. Thanks to Shabbyprincess too :).

And I love looking all the lifts in one page! WOW!


I just found this blog this afternoon! So I am just a bit late getting my post up, but here it is! http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=61621&ppuser=78

I love this and can't wait for the next one!


Thanks to HaleyW's post I tried this! Hope it works! http://www.scrapbook-bytes.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=27209 Believe it or not, now I can't wait for the next one!


The photo album is a wonderful feature. Thanks so much for your obvious commitment and effort to upload all our layouts and journaling, etc. So cool! (And if you ever want to pass the hat to help pay for the Typepad fee, I'm game :-)

Thanks also for the free mini-kit. I'll definitely be an active participant of these challenges.


Hi. This is my scrap http://pachimactoo.typepad.com/photos/olive_juice_twist/firstsnow2.html
I forget about credits. I'm sorry.

1) paper: Evak Sparkling [ice storm]
2) paper: Tania JPS [Blue Distressed Flowers]
3) paper: Leah Riordan [chillin]
5) paper: Shabby Princess
4) elements: Leah Riordan [chillin], Ksharonk [making mischief button blue], Ksharonk [treats bow mauve], J Hosford [serenity stitching], Leah Riordan [tag]


I wanted to add a thank-you, too. I found this great blog the day after my hubby left for Iraq. It was just what I needed this week...a project to concentrate on and finish. Sundays are always hard for me and now I can look forward to Sunday and a new project! A big thank you from little ol' me!!


Here's mine!!!


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